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Running in northern BC with my dog Kobi

Running into Fashion


Kinvara 4 runners and a white dog

The purple runners and Kobi

I am sick or ‘estoy enferma’ (I’m taking beginner Spanish and likely got that wrong).  I decided to run today regardless and besides, the razor blades in my throat only feel dull now, not too sharp.  I also heard that you can run sick as long as you don’t have a fever – probably heard that from an unreliable source, but I’m sticking with it.  I also hit the pool bright and early this morning and had my butt kicked by the instructor. Sprint after sprint after sprint and I didn’t drown or faint so I figured I could run. Besides, Kobi needed a run regardless of  my cold. 

I decided to run after work on the trails in town as the trails out my way are nothing but mud right now.  This way I could just haul Kobi back to town with me and then we’d hit the trails right after work.  I also needed some running gear so as I was pulling out running attire, I realized that was coordinating everything to go with my purple runners.  

I have to digress here for a minute as this is kind of funny.  I was on-line window-shoe-shopping the other day and found some Saucony Kinvera 4’s in my size so I was all hot and bothered to order them as I wanted to try them so bad.  I didn’t buy them as I know I need to give myself a “time-out” on any shoe purchase as I tend to buy things I don’t really need (kind of like giving yourself 24 hours to calm down before replying to an email that you gets you all fired up).  Anyway, I was on my “time-out” and then forgot about the shoes until this morning when I saw these cool purple shoes tucked into my running shoe collection.  Guess what they were?  The Kinvera 4’s I wanted to buy!  I already had a pair and totally forgot!  How bad is that?  I either have:   A) too many running shoes,  B)  a very poor memory or,  C)  a dislike for them and therefore forgot about them.  The answer is A and B as how could I not like a purple running shoe! 

Now back to my fashion coordinating.  I select some Lululemon capris with a purple highlight, a black Nike shirt with a subtle white/reflector highlight and a black hat with white highlights.  This outfit tied in very nicely with the purple shoes and of course Kobi’s purple leash.  Remember how I think the colour purple makes me run faster?  

The run was good, but I was cold.  In all my fashion coordinating, I neglected to remember gloves or ear warmers.  I had also wanted to run intervals, but I ended up sort of doing a tempo run as my throat and lungs weren’t up to intervals. 

As far as wildlife encounters:  Kobi chased 3 grouse, 1 raven and 15 squirrels (6 on the way up and 9 on the way back, likely some repeats).  She also had two poops conveniently by garbage receptacles so I could be the responsible dog owner and clean up after her without having to carry a poop bag for miles, although it did help with the cold hands (gross hey?). 

white dog

Kobi post run

Author: Angie

I live in northern British Columbia, Canada. I found my dog Kobi in 2011 when she was only 5 weeks old and we've been having running adventures ever since.

6 thoughts on “Running into Fashion

  1. Your dog is so effing cute!

  2. Mild/moderate cardio exercise actually circulates the lymph in your system–speeding up recovery. Strenuous activity unfortunately can do the reverse (by strenuous I mean >1.5 hrs and at 60% or greater effort) as it depresses the immune system.
    Mild moderate = approx 60 minutes at 30-50% effort, bringing heart rate up but not through the roof, get a nice sweat on. Eat before hand (even if you don’t normally, not eating stresses and depresses the immune system so the effect would be diminished). Tada, you have prevention if you’re not ill and immune boost/recovery speed up if you are.
    Also high doses of Vit. D are good. We tend to start to lack it in this time of year (besides it’s good for muscle recovery so that’s an added bonus). 4,000IU is good for an athlete.
    Good luck and I hope you feel better quickly!

    • That is so cool! Thank you for this! I think I unintentionally did the right thing then by not working too hard, but still working while sick. I did also just start taking vit D again (5,000IU as I know I’m not getting any real sun in this part of the northern hemisphere). I did a short run yesterday and felt okay and I am feeling much better today (just congestion now).

  3. I don’t know how I missed this earlier. Do you like your Kinvara 4’s? Did you run in the 3’s before? I love my 3’s and am hesitant to up grade.

    • I went straight from the 2’s to the 4’s as I had two sets of 2’s that lastest past the 3’s. I do like the 4’s. I find on long runs (>18km) on pavement, my feet do get a bit tired likely because I am a heel striker and the shoes are so soft. I find the 4’s fit a bit narrower in the front than the 2’s which I prefer as I have narrow feet. Wish I had tried the 3’s to give you a better sense of the differences.

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