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Running in northern BC with my dog Kobi

My Week in Review


trees in autumn

How I wish it looked today (this was Wednesday)

How to summarize this week in close to 500 words?  Here goes…

Wednesday I left work early to pick Kobi up as I had planned to go back to town to run the community trail as the trails out this way were muddy.  On the way home, a very low flying small plane flew over me and I noticed the wing on the plane was on fire.  I realized the plane was attempting to make an emergency landing on a side road in town. 

Me and several other drivers turned down the road, to try to help I think.  When I got close, I saw the plane had landed and was engulfed in flames.  That was one of the scariest things I have ever witnessed.  The pilot escaped with minor injuries – pretty unbelievable.

I got home late as a result of the plane crash and ended up running on the muddy trails out this way as I wasn’t in the mood to drive back to town.  We (me and Kobi) did intervals on the trails, always harder than running on a track or road, but my preference.  Hey, Usain Bolt trained on a dirt track back in Jamaica, so there is something to be said about keeping it real. 

I haven’t seen Hugo (the black bear) in ages, but have seen his tracks.  I think he’s gone into Ninja mode and is out there, but not making his presence known.  I did notice these “wolf” tracks, at least I think they’re wolf.

Dog tracks

Pretty big dog prints

Friday’s run was a tempo run on the trail in town.  To sum that one up, pretty much felt like throwing up the entire time and as a result the tempo only lasted 20 minutes. 

Today’s run ended up 1.7km shorter than I had originally planned (planned 24km, ran 22.3km and yes, I am counting the 0.3km).  It was one of those runs that built more character than anything.  I couldn’t even food motivate myself, which is how I can usually get through anything. 

All I could do was try to get the run over with.  My hands were cold (I was wearing those cheap dollar store mini gloves) and my clothes had soaked up so much rain by 6km I felt about 10 pounds heavier.  I may as well have jumped into a pool prior to running I was so completely soaked.  My pants also kept slipping down because they were so heavy and water-logged.

You see, I rarely have to run in the rain as it typically doesn’t rain all the time up here and hardly during my scheduled runs – used to think I had great-weather-running-karma – up until now.  And I had to do the long run today as I’m running the Victoria Half Marathon in 2 weeks and this was the last long run prior to the race.   

I really really hope it doesn’t rain in Victoria on October 13.    

Wet white dog

How I felt during today’s run

Author: Angie

I live in northern British Columbia, Canada. I found my dog Kobi in 2011 when she was only 5 weeks old and we've been having running adventures ever since.

2 thoughts on “My Week in Review

  1. I should start doing intervals on trails. I hate going to a track for a workout. And holy cow, scary seeing a plane on fire!

    • You will love doing intervals on trails if you do any trail races (which I just read you do). They prepare you way better for what you’re going to encounter (in my humble unprofessional opinion). I find I do them a bit more by effort than trying to nail my “road” speeds as you do encounter more obstacles and have different footing issues to deal with. And yes, I hope I never see another plane on fire.

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